Children's Birthday Parties

Kids love sushi! Even the ones who say they don't usually do by the end of one of our parties...

Our children's sushi-making parties usually last around 60 minutes and are suitable for age 6 - 16 years old.  We come to you (or your venue) with all the food prepared and ready to go - all you need to do is provide a space for everyone to sit or stand around a table or work surface to make the food.  This is an 'eat as you go' party so is best scheduled around the time you'd like them to have food.  We will make 3 different types of sushi which include vegetable baby rolls, an inside out roll and inari tofu pouches.  

The cost is £180 for 8 children, £16 per head for each additional child up to a maximum of 12.  Our kids' parties don't include raw fish, we supply ingredients such as tuna mayo, breaded chicken, tamago (sushi omelette), seafood sticks, heaps of veggies etc.  If you'd like us to include raw fish there is an additional charge.

Depending on the age group, we don't usually bring knives for the children's parties.  If you'd like the children to learn to cut their own sushi you will need to request this and provide supervision.

To enquire or book please send us an email