Children's Birthday Parties

Kids love sushi! Even the ones who say they don't usually do by the end of one of our parties...

Our children's sushi-making parties usually last around 60 minutes and are suitable for age 6 - 18 years old.  We come to you (or your venue) with all the food prepared and ready to go - all you need to do is provide a space for everyone to sit or stand around a table or work surface.  During the sushi party the kids will make 4 types of sushi which include veggie baby rolls, salmon & cucumber inside out rolls, inari sushi and we finish by making some creative rice balls with fun moulds and cutters.  Vegetarian and non-raw fish options are available on request.  

Each child will receive a personalised embroidered apron to wear (and keep!), and can eat their sushi as we make it, or take home in one of our takeaway boxes.  They will also receive a certificate at the end and get to take their rolling mat and chopsticks home with them.

The cost is £300 for 6 children, plus £30 for each additional child.  Our sushi-making party package includes all food and use of equipment plus a bottle of ramune soda each to enjoy during the session.  Travel costs will be added where necessary.


To enquire or book our kids sushi making parties please contact us with your address, dates you are available and how many children.