Sushi-making Kits

Sushi-making is the perfect lockdown activity for everyone!

Our sushi making kits are £13.50, buy from Roll With Me and we will deliver with your food order.  If we are in your area we can drop it in to you or you can arrange a contact free collection from us in Kidlington.


What's in the bag?

  • Bamboo rolling mat

  • 10 sheets of full size sushi nori

  • 500g sushi rice

  • 330ml Mizkan pre-mixed sushi rice seasoning

  • 50g black & white sesame seeds

  • 47ml soy sauce

  • 2 x bamboo chopsticks

  • 2 x 5g pickled sushi ginger sachets

  • 2 x 2.5g wasabi sachets

  • Sushi-making instructions (emailed to you as a pdf)

To order please email or let us 

know when you place your food order that you'd like a kit

Extras available to add to your kit:

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Sushi Rice

White rice 500g £2.50

Brown rice 500g £3

Japanese Mayo

Shirakiku gluten free mayonnaise 500g £4.50

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-14 at
Yukari Perilla

Rice Seasoning

20g £3

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-14 at
Shichimi 7 Spice

Shichimi togarshi rice seasoning 20g £3


Powdered nori rice seasoning 20g £3


355ml Mizkan sushi rice seasoning £2.50